Frequently Asked Magical Questions

I have a baby Munchkin, is it too early to order them an Easter letter?

Here at Munchkin Mail we love nothing more than creating a letter to celebrate a Munchkins 1st Easter. Our post for little people has no age range; you are never to young nor to old to believe in the magic of Easter. 

When should I give my Munchkins their magical Easter mail?

Our 2024 edition letters are designed to be given at any point before or during Easter. 

I would like my Munchkins to share a letter, is this possible?

We like to show that 'sharing is caring'. We can accommodate up to 5 Munchkins on 1 letter. Just opt for the sharing option when choosing your product.


Will my Munchkin's receive the same letter as one another?

Jingling Jellybeans of course not. Every Munchkin is unique so we ensure each siblings letter is completely different to keep the magic alive, just make sure you opt for a different moral story when ordering. 

Do you deliver worldwide?

Yes of course - our Munchkin Mail has been fluttering all over the world for the past 6 years.